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Student Society

The Medi Foundation Student Society which is a section under the umbrella of the Medi Foundation exist to give support,

Rehabilitation and social support to students battling

Addiction and social issues they go through in Northern Cyprus.

Medi foundation student society also engages in community building between the locals and the foreign students in this part of the Mediterranean. Ever enhancing the need for understanding regarding the cultural and social differences shared by different communities in Northern Cyprus.

Who we are?

Medi foundation student society are a team of brilliant students, ranging from Committee members, volunteers, Social workers, working closely with students, psychologist, relevant authorities, experts in different fields. All with the same aims and goals to help the students in Turkish Northern Cyprus within the Medi foundation Scope, Vision and mission.

What is Medi Foundation Student Society?

The student branch of Medi Foundation is designed to reach out to student communities in Turkish Northern Cyprus and provide support and guidance on addiction issues, community building, social support, guidance on relevant laws involving students. We facilitate access to professional experts dealing with drug addiction and mental health issues through therapists, psychologists, counselors, Community leaders and experts in all Social fields and Law.

Our Projects

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We are here to answer any question you may have. Feel free to reach via contact form.

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