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Welcome to the Medi Foundation Students’ Society

We exist to give support: Rehabilitation, Community Building,  Addiction and Social support to Students in TRNC.

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Who we are?

The Medi Foundation student society are a team of brilliant students, ranging from committee members and volunteers to participants of our various events. We work closely with students, university faculties and departments, psychologist, legal experts, relevant authorities, and experts in different fields, all with the aim of helping students in TRNC within Medi foundation’s mission statement.

What is Medi Foundation Student Society?

The student branch of Medi Foundation is designed to reach out to student communities in TRNC and provide support and guidance on addiction issues, community building, social support, and the relevant laws involving students. We facilitate access to professional experts dealing with addiction and mental health issues via therapists, psychologists, counselors, community leaders and experts in all social fields and law.


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