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Cultural Awareness and Relativism Seminar

Cultural awareness and relativism is an imperative in a multi-polar world. The TRNC is no different. 144 different nationalities, cultures, and subcultures all merged together in the TRNC.

Medi foundation student brings these differences in one setting to understand differences and otherness without dismissing anyone.

Thank you Eastern Mediterranean university rectorate and the vice-rector Deniz işçioğlu and Prof, Dr. Mustafa Tűmer(CEI) for their support of this imperative seminar.

We thank our Art Director (DR. Canan Salih) for her wonderful effort in making this a reality.

Thank you Prof. Ian Hale for presenting cultural relativism as a reality that has been a part of human existence since time immemorial.

Join us at our next seminar on culture and integration

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