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Medi foundation student society aid initiative for students

Given the recent crisis and economic instability brought about by the recent pandemic. Medi Foundation Student Society plans to launch its Aid initiative to help struggling students in the TRNC. We plan on reaching out to relevant authorities, companies and place of work that are listed below to help us raise the necessary Aid to help students in TRNC.

We believe that it’s the social responsibility and an appeal to Humanity to help people during the toughest times in life, because that is what makes us human. The detailed approach of this initiative will be seen below as we outline our plan and overview to help us carry out this project effectively and efficiently. Einstein Once said “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing”.

So, we at Medi Foundation Student society calls on all necessary parties to find their humanity in assisting us reach those who needs help the most.

‘MEDI STUDENT AID’ is a COVID-19 awareness and assistance campaign launched by the MEDI Foundation Student Society that seeks to sensitize university students in TRNC about the fight against COVID-19 pandemic in TRNC and to provide assistance to students in need. The campaign is the fruit of a multi-sectoral partnership between the MEDI Foundation, the TRCN Government and local companies and small businesses. The campaign comprises two main activities: A student seminar with an expert from the TRNC Ministry of Public Health, and COVID-19 relief package distribution to international students in TRNC.


  • To hold a COVID-19 sensitization seminar at EMU to sensitize university students especially international students from various accredited universities in TRNC. We are specifically targeting 100 students from seven institutions in TRNC: EMU, CIU, EUL, NEU, GAU, AKU, FIU, and CWU.
  • To solicit and distribute COVID-19 relief packages to 200 international students from the aforementioned targeted universities (EMU, CIU, EUL, NEU, GAU, AKU, FIU, and CWU).
  • To create awareness about MEDI Foundation and its activities towards the student population in TRNC




  • NorthernLand Construction
  • DOVEC Construction
  • UZUN Group
  • ERBATU Group
  • ETI
  • KALE
  • 1001 Market
  • LC Waikiki
  • Is Bank
  • Koop Bank
  • Ziraat Bank
  • Near East Bank
  • Pound
  • Feed Me Cyprus
  • Local markets and stores


  1. General Supervision: Ismet Medi

Duties: Provide guidance and overall supervision of the entire programme to ensure everything aligns with the vision and mission of Medi Foundation

  1. Coordination: Ebere Godson

Duties: Daily management of supervision of both activities. Shall ensure that all the various teams are fulfilling their specified responsibilities. Shall be the lead person on the contacts with potential sponsors and partners.

  1. Contacts to potential sponsors and partners: All Medi Student Foundation Board members.
  2. Inventory and distribution coordination: Nancy Achu/Kimber Dogde

Duties: Create and maintain an inventory and database for the donations in cash and in kind and establish and coordinate a mechanism for the distribution of COVID-19 relief packages. Shall collaborate with various universities and student societies put in place an online system to receive and treat application for relief packages and track stock and distribution accordingly. Shall ensure that a concise and accurate report and inventory of all donations received and distributed is available at the end of the process for distribution to donors and stakeholders alongside full report. Shall also do a full report of the campaign.

  1. Seminar contacts and coordination: Asanga Fon/Gulistan Barut

Duties: Ensure necessary contacts are done and engagements formalized concerning the seminar. Coordinate with the Ministry of Health concerning the expert to be sent as resource person for the seminar and ensure that he/she gets the topics in time. Coordinate with all the targeted universities to ensure representation of their students according to an agreed quota (80% from Magusa, and 20% representing a delegation of five per institution for all the universities outside Magusa). Coordinate with EMU to ensure all venue lodgistics are handled in time.

  1. Communication and publicity: Bilge Azgin

Duties: Ensure media coverage of both activities (Seminar and relief package distribution). Also work on online and physical publicity mechanisms: posters, handbills, graphic designs, online posts etc. Coordinate all interventions with the press like interview

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