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Medi Foundation & EMU Law Seminar

Tonight we brought the lawyers and students together and it was a very successful, amazing, fantastic, interactive and informative seminar for students regarding TRNC laws that affects them

A very big thank you to Eastern Mediterranean university for supporting us in this wonderful seminar.

Medi foundation and Medi foundation student Society would like to say a special thank you to Prof. Dr Mustafa Tumer, who started the seminar with the opening speech. I would like to also thank him for all the help in the last few weeks he has given us with EMU and other projects we are currently putting together with him too.

Everyone has a vision, but not everyone has a vision of including those who are neglected. Not only including, but showing love, compassion, willingness to listen and help. And that’s what Ismet Medi has done for the students.

In a culture of closeness and indifference, he rose above to tackle and help in issues he could easily look away from.

Medi Foundation Students Society and students all over Cyprus will cherish this groundbreaking vision and inclusion

Thank you to the team of lawyers who took out time to come educate the students on laws; ranging from housing, immigration, domestic violence, Child laws for students.

We will forever be grateful to

Lawyer Nevin Ersoy
Lawyer Cise Atlas
Lawyer Laden Asilzade
Lawyer Yagmur izcan.

Humanity is defined by the height of one’s self awareness in caring about others without being affected. You guys showed that to the students today.

More Law seminars will follow in different cities and universities. To better inform students all over the TRNC.

Medi foundation and Medi foundation student Society thank you all.

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