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Medi Foundation & TurkCell Exclusive Deal

We are proud to announce our 1st partnership with GNC Turkcell where all Medi Foundation Student Society members and GNC members get 5GB OF FREE INTERNET DATA for one week every month.

For the contemporary generation, connectivity at all times is key to how we live our lives and research information. We believe that this incentive will benefit the Medi Foundation Student Society members, both monetary wise and flexibility wise.

Medi Foundation Student Society also offers VARIOUS BENEFITS through its MEMBERSHIP INITIATIVE, which include CONSUMER DISCOUNTS, free access to WORKSHOPS & EVENTS, participation in ARTS & Sports, STUDENTHOUSING help, INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES, PSYCHOLOGICAL SUPPORT, LEGAL HELP & SERVICES, and full support for everything related to MENTAL HEALTH & ADDICTION.

For more information on our Membership Initiatives, please visit:

JOIN OUR COMMUNITY TODAY AND BE PART OF THE CHANGE … Your college experience is a one-time experience !!

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