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Rules and regulations

  1. Membership to the Medi Foundation Student Society is open to all students from all higher education institutions in North Cyprus, who agree to abide by our rules and regulations.
  2. In matters of external collaboration, volunteers are welcomed within the said period of collaboration. Volunteers do not have to be members.
  3. Membership fees are 300tl/year.
  4. Members are entitled to discounts of prices at stationery shops that have agreement with the Medi Foundation
  5. Medi foundation student society will hold quarterly general assembly meetings (every three months) to updates members on the society’s activities, projects, and to provide a platform for socialization among members.
  6. The main aim of the MFSS is to educate, counsel students with issues ranging from alcoholism, drug addiction, mental wellbeing, to support, recovery from and prevent the resurgence of drug/alcohol addiction and mental health issues
  7. In terms of activities, MFSS will hold social activities, media outreach, workshops, seminars, sensitization campaign and others events.
  8. As a nonprofit organization, MFSS will fund its activities through general fundraising for events such as: arts exhibition, fundraising galas, sales of memorabilia and society designed merchandise.
  9. Members who fail to adhere to rules and regulation will be subjected to sanctions ranging from suspension to expulsion.
  10. Any misconduct by a member that tarnishes the image of Medi Foundation will be subjected to the society’s disciplinary committee review which might lead sanctions ranging from suspension to expulsion
  11. Lateness or absence from meetings without a reason approved by the board will be subjected to disciplinary actions. All reasons for absence, or lateness must be written and presented to the board for approval before the given date or time of the meeting: lateness or absence from one meeting without reason approved by the board equals to one strike, lateness or absence from second meeting results to short term suspension of a month. Lateness or absence from a third meeting and above results to indefinite suspension. Final decision on indefinite suspension will be made by a disciplinary hearing chaired by the board, after said person has served a suspension period of at least two months.

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