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The Beauty of Difference

The journey towards understanding cultural differences starts from a step. All positive moments in history regarding cultural integration and understanding began from a single step and people who envisioned a world of understanding, tolerance and goodness.

The medi foundation and medi foundation students Society celebration night served as a great moment for a connotative struggle and understanding.

A night filled with laughter, empathy and understanding. Drama, art, food and culture converged in one place, in pure serenity.

We cannot understand that which doesnt register in our consciousness, and it’s a noble duty for those who know more to make their stories heard and that was the reality last night.

Thank you Prof, Dr canan salih. Your impeccable ability made all this possible . The energy and smiles of all those who participated from different cultures, race and religion tells the story.

Thank you to Eastern Mediterranean university, Thank you to the rectorate, The Faculty of media and communication. You all made this a reality.

Medi foundation and Medi foundation students Society bow out from 2021 with an impact and atmosphere that continues from next year.

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