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Our Mission and Vision

The vision of MFSS is to help in reducing the Addiction menace that plagues the students’ community.

Medi Foundation Student Society, which was formed within the body of Medi Foundation Anti-Addiction Association, aims to support all students studying at universities in Northern Cyprus, regardless of religion, language, race and sect, especially within the frame of physical and mental problems they experience with alcohol, cigarette, internet and drug addiction.

The Medi Foundation Student society has determined its main goal is to carry out a comprehensive study that includes all our universities in the light of the results of the scientific researches of the Prime Ministry commission for Combating Drugs

The Medi Foundation Student Society will give priority to education and awareness covering all universities in the TRNC on issues that have become widespread among university students in recent years, such as substance addiction, internet addiction and gambling addiction, which negatively affect the entire lives of students.

Medi foundation student society has determined as a principle to provide the right support at the right time to our students struggling on how to deal with the problems they experience due to addictions and to ensure that they are included in the treatment and rehabilitation process in cooperation with the relevant units of the state.

We are a group under the umbrella of the large Foundation Medi Foundation.

We are trying to provide and assist the support required for the student population of higher education in Northern Cyprus.

We will organize workshops on these topics to help our students better understand these issues, as well as understand how we can help them as the Medi Foundation Student society, as well as sports, cultural and artistic events to help students stay away from risks by spending quality time.

Our Mission

To help students with addiction and mental health problems and to provide rehabilitation support. We try to embrace all students regardless of gender, race, sexuality or ethnicity. Our aim is to combat and eliminate the so-called addiction disease through appropriate channels (Psychologist, counseling, psycho-social support, treatment support and other relevant social activities).

Our Vision

The vision of medi foundation student society is to help in reducing the Addiction menace that plagues the students’ community within North Cyprus. We aim for a 2% annual reduction of addiction and mental health related incidents within the Student population.

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